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Evil Nun 2 Game Online Free

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The second part of Evil Nun, which is called Origins, will tell you about the events that took place before the first game. New functionality and features also appear here, so the process is even more interesting. In addition, you are capable of getting to know even more characters who participate in this story.

Using your mobile device, you can be transported to this rather gloomy atmosphere every time. And it doesn’t matter when and where you want to do it. Therefore, if you want to plunge into gloom, then run this horror story.

Feel the Atmosphere of Locations

You are up to visiting a lot of places. Each of them are creepy in their own way and have a tense atmosphere. In addition to the fact that the design of the locations itself is not the most hospitable, it is also possible for you to hear the corresponding soundtrack. It is also periodically interrupted by various squeaks and rumbles, which are very annoying.

In addition to Evil Nun, which wanders in search of you, there are also new antagonists. These are mutant chickens, pets of a church servant. They are very loyal to her and carry out all her orders.

It is also worth noting that there are several outcomes of events here. In one of them, for example, these pets are able to stop being mutants. And in another, the most faithful of them will try to catch the player, but unfortunately he may not succeed. Therefore, you escape safely and soundly.

Explore Hidden Places

While playing, it is possible for you to look for many interesting items and clues that shed light on what is happening. In the process, you are able to find out all the details that lay before the events of the first chapter. And this, by the way, is only part of her biography. In other series where she appears, you have a chance to find out a lot more.

Therefore, if you are attentive, you are able to look for everything that you need. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that in order to reach the ending, you need to perform certain actions. After this, you may get the ending.

It is also worth mentioning that there is also a secret room in which you are capable of finding a lot of interesting things. Therefore, try to go everywhere and inspect every corner. You can also see the room of Madeline’s sister herself, as well as the mutants Gummi, Rustel and Mister C. Also, there are many corridors, offices, classrooms and other rooms. By the way, there is a possibility for you to go outside the building.