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Evil Nun Game Online Free

Become part of the terrible and frightening events that take place in the school where Evil Nun is operating. Find out more about what happened to Sister Madeline, who now roams the corridors and classrooms looking for her prey. She is your main threat. You, in turn, are going to play as a character who is locked up in the school.

Therefore, do everything to eventually stay alive and at the same time leave this sinister place. You have three days, and if you do not make an effort and do all that is necessary, then you are going to have a bad outcome of the events. By the way, there are a lot of endings, so make an attempt to get all of them.

Therefore, get out your mobile device on iOS or Android and start this horror story, which is full of mysteries and permeated with a creepy and scary atmosphere. One of the advantages of this platform is that if you want to feel goosebumps on your skin, then just take out your phone. And it does not matter where you are.

Run and Hide

Your task in this game is to escape from it. To do this, you have several ways. First, you are able to escape through the main entrance. Secondly, it can be a passage through the laundry. Well, and thirdly, you are capable of becoming a savior for the children who are kept by the minister of the church. But for this you need to perform a number of actions.

Therefore, you are capable of using different kinds of weapons to help you counter this woman. It may delay her, so you have time to get away from her. She won’t stand by either. For you, she has a sledgehammer in store, with which she is very skillfully wielding. Therefore, do not think that she can just frighten you with an unexpected appearance. It is really dangerous, because this weapon has the opportunity to injure you.

This is due to the fact that if she suddenly notices you, then it is very difficult to run away from her. Because even if you move to a hard-to-reach place, it is going to follow you without any problems. Therefore, try to be stealthy enough, so you do not end up in front of her.

Therefore, it is definitely not possible to play calmly and measured here. Since here you are up to becoming a member of the chase at any time, where the victim is you. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will feel fear a lot and be on your guard.

Appearances in Other Series

It is possible for you to see the main antagonist in other games where you are also up to learning more about her. For example, while you are playing, it is possible for you to learn the details of her past. In one of these parts, there is a possibility to see her son, with whom she had no contact for several decades. And check out other games that are entirely dedicated to her.

Also, throughout your adventure, you are able to find clues and additional information that can shed light on everything. Therefore, you need to be careful. Not only because you might run into someone very undesirable, but also because you might learn something interesting. So, be really attentive and look for something that has a chance to be really important for the plot.