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Evil Nun 3 Game Online Free

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A new part of the terrible story about Evil Nun, which may soon be released with everything. The Broken Mask is a remake that will be developed on a completely different engine. It will also be available on Windows. Previously, it was only available on mobile devices, but now also on PC. It is worth noting that it will become more optimized and many points like graphics and others may be improved. Also, there is a possibility to add a lot of new content.

Therefore, you arrive at the school where you were invited to the religious camp. Nothing foreshadowed trouble until you realized that you were locked up here. Now you need to escape from there. At the same time, along the way, you are able to face many secrets and horrors that are waiting for you around every corner.

Through Chapters

Now the game is divided into six separate chapters. You are able to visit different parts of the main location. In the process, you have a chance to see many riddles and puzzles that you have to solve in order to eventually get out. Later, it is also possible for you to learn that you are not alone in this trap.

But your adventure does not consist only of this. In addition, Evil Nun wanders around the school and looks for you. The developers made her really good at artificial intelligence. By the way, if she suddenly notices you, then it is not possible to quickly and easily break away from her.

Therefore, in order to stop the chase, you have to hide really well or confuse her by running and hiding in various places. She also poses a direct threat to you, as she is armed with a hammer, which she is capable of using to slow you down. Therefore, try not to face her.

Biographic details

It is worth noting that you can also play the rest of the parts from this series. There you are capable of learning a little more about her past. And also to understand why she became such. She also appears in other series where you can get to know not only her, but also her son.

Therefore, fully immerse yourself in a really dark and scary atmosphere. And also to be frightened by the sudden appearances of an elderly minister of the church and run around the building in an attempt to hide from her at least somewhere.